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Specializing in custom built homes, Henna Homes has been turning dreams into reality for over 35 years.

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At Henna Homes we are one of Ballarat's leading Extension / Renovation builders.

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It's always recommended to get a couple of quotes when doing something big!

For example

Building a House


Have you checked your 'inclusions list' with the quotes you have received?images 1

 Many people fall into the trap of  'All Extras Included' or the "Get thousands of dollars in upgrades for free!"

Sounds good ! Doesn't it?

Unfortunately for many people, it's too late because they've already signed contracts and haven't read the nitty gritty of it all. Many places class extras as simple things such as carpets or light fittings, even doors or a driveway and general clean and tidy once works are completed.


With Henna Homes these ARE in our price with no extra charge because these are NOT extras,


These are things that make a home!


Our price is turn the key and move in!


Stress free and easy

Simply click on contact us and let us know what you are thinking!

  • Whether you have you own dream home plans 

  • Just an idea in or head or on paper

  • You've seen a house that you like but want to  swap a few thing around to suit your needs

  • After an additional quote

Free no obligation quotes, without the head ache


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